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What people say

  • We worked very closely with Mr & Mrs Grundy and John O'Grady 
(RG's biographer, scriptwriter nd lifelong friend) in developing thistribute show celebrating RG's extraordinary achievements. To achieve this perfect delivery is testament to the highly talented and committed team on this event..... Annie Kinnane for her focus and drive in the getting the (four) videos done.

    Chris MacDonald Event Producer, “Reg Grundy - celebration of an extraordinary man”
  • Annie's organisational skills, attention to detail and especially her resourcefulness – as in shutting down Brisbane’s main city street for an entire day – are impressive. She’s a professional, but her warmth and caring about the job shone through, in her dealings with me, my manager and the whole crew.

    Matt McGowen Singer and Songwriter
  • Matt and I were only saying yesterday how serendipitous it is
that you ended up producing (Ipso Facto), we couldn’t imagine a more pleasant, enthusiastic and talented producer - and we’ve worked with a fair few on paid jobs!

    Damian Fitzgerald Writer, Three Drunk Monkeys (now at Goodby Silverstein)
  • Annie's passion and enthusiasm for a project and its
collaborators are second to none. She always ensured that I and the team was supported and given the opportunity to deliver our best work. And she always did this with a smile and a laugh. A rare attribute.

    Luke Eve Director, Jungleboys Sydney
  • Annie Kinnane is not just an incredible producer, but an incredible person which makes her an absolute pleasure to both do business with and every interaction I have ever had with her has been incredible quality. She is a joy to both work with and to have as part of a team!

    Chris Howard World Renound Personal Development Speaker and Master NLP Trainer
  • Annie is the rarest of producers. The kind who is both hellbent on perfection and a total people's person. She refuses to suffer fools, because foolishness gets in the way of perfect. But she also refuses to be an arsehole, because arseholicism gets in the way of relationships, which gets in the way of perfect. For Annie, it's about all the work. And because the work is all about the people, it's all about the people too. She is the one you want to go to war with.

    Josh Bryer Producer
  • The most obvious parts of Annie are her extensive skills acquired through a variety of experiences within the industry. What is less obvious, until you've had the pleasure of working with her, is her eternal optimism, willingness to jump in and get the job done no matter the size, and massive contribution to a positive and joyful culture. She's a gem.

    Julie Rae Burke CEO Precinct Creative Communications
  • Matt McGowen created a very catchy and lively tune for the theme music of I LUV U BUT which became synonymous with our brand and our ongoing series.  Matt did much research to develop Arabic sounds which went beyond traditional Arabic music and had a contemporary feel which complemented our story.

    Fadia Abboud Director - I Luv u But I & II – Web Series 2014
  • Matt McGowen was the perfect sound designer and composer for Season 2 of our web series 'I Luv U But'.  He'd already established an authentic musical world for Season 1 and knew what director Fadia Abboud was looking for in taking Season 2 to a new level.  Matt created a subtle musical voice that underscored all the dramatic and humorous mood shifts across 10 episodes - and completed this challenging job on-schedule and on-budget! A producer couldn't ask for more.

    Megan McMurchy Producer - I Luv u But I & II – Web Series 2014
  • Matt is a joy to work with. He has an instinctive understanding of drama, composing beautifully for both performance and story. His subtle, delicate score for The Orchard contributes immensely to the atmosphere, metaphor and subtext of the film, helping the audience access the feeling states and complex character perspectives of the film. I highly recommend Matt and his work to both producers and directors.

    Laura Scrivano Writer/Director - Winner 2013 European Union Film Award (The Orchard) 

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